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Kerala Backwaters Best Time to Visit

There is no doubt that Kerala offers lots of tourist interest, such as beautiful beaches, verdant hill stations, spice gardens, tea and coffee estates, rubber plantations, rich flora and fauna, exotic wildlife, lovely lakes, breathtaking backwaters, wonderful waterfalls, architecturally beautiful temples, etc.
But among all these one of the most popular attractions of Kerala is its breathtaking backwaters which are a network of interconnected lakes, rivers, channels, canals, lagoons, and inlets with extraordinary scenic beauty. Exploring Kerala backwaters provides wonderful opportunity to see the nature at its best by close and watch the lively traditional village life of Kerala.
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Now the debate is on Kerala Backwaters best time to visit. The long coastal region of around 580kms on one side of Kerala and Western Ghats on the other side ensures that the weather condition is neither too hot nor too cold. And that is one of the reasons why Kerala is considered as an all-season destination.
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When to visit Kerala Backwaters- Best Time


The peak season to visit the backwaters is believed to be from September to March when the weather is moderate. Moreover, at this time, the sky remains clear and hence offers best travel experience. If you want to visit this place, then do visit it during this period of the year. Those who have a love for rainy season can opt to visit in the monsoon season from June to August which is also the best time to indulge in traditional Ayurvedic treatments.
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You also have an option to choose from an overnight cruise or a day cruise in a houseboat. There are so many backwaters destinations in Kerala, such as Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kuttanad, Kasaragod etc, so it’s always advisable to book in advance with a tour operator especially in the peak season as the availability of quality boats drops dramatically and prices get hiked.
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Things to do in Kerala Backwaters


Kerala houseboats in backwaters are one of the beautiful tourist attractions all over the world. While standing at the deck of the Kerala houseboats, you can enjoy the gentle blowing breeze from backwaters of Kerala. The excellent view of the hills and greenery will make you astonish. Moreover, you can also take the advantage of exploring various historical sites that this place has to offer. These houseboat rides and stay in Kerala backwaters are quite affordable.

With its picturesque beauty, serene ambiance all these things to do in Backwaters, Kerala is rightfully placed at the top of any traveller’s must visit destinations.

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