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Top Things To Do On A Honeymoon Trip To Seychelles

Honeymoon Trip to Seychelles: A honeymoon is the most special time to celebrate marriage and the future ahead with your life partner.With so many enchanting honeymoon destinations, it may be difficult for you to choose the best one, but if your eyes are in Seychelles, then nothing could resist you planning the most romantic trip of your life there. The magical charm, breath-taking natural beauty, romance opportunities, landscape, vibrant culture, and warmth are the few of many more specialities of this beautiful island nation.
Couples plan their honeymoon trip to Seychelles for the excellent luxury hotels and spas, pristine beaches, exotic forests, vibrant culture, great food, friendly people, rocking nightlife and more. But there’s a lot to explore there. If you're planning a Seychelles honeymoon vacation, we've got you covered, for the best experiences on this island paradise.

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1. Curieuse Island, Marine National Park
Honeymoon-Trip-To-Seychelles-Curieuse-Island- Marine-National-Park

People from different corners of the globe come to the turtle sanctuary on Curieuse Island as part of their island hopping expedition in the Seychelles. This national park is situated on Curieuse Island, which is famous for the Coco de Mer palms found only on two islands in the whole of Seychelles which has a become a kind of a cultural symbol for the people of Seychelles. The turtles are not the only attraction. Also, there are plenty of birds and creatures indigenous to this region, and that makes for quite an interesting nature trail.
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2. Fishing


The Seychelles offers big game fishing, night fishing, deep sea and bottom fishing. It’s a spiritual harbour for international sporting and recreational fisherman, who return each year to break fishing records. Plenty of fun for avid fishermen and novices alike, the seas around the islands are teeming with fish and make for a great expedition. Also, with some of the world's ripest fishing waters, Seychelles has an abundance of Wahoo, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Rainbow Runner and Marlin, making it a big-game fishing arena for both seasoned and novice fishermen.
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3. Scuba Diving


Another thing to do on a honeymoon trip to Seychelles is scuba diving because it’s a real delight to go diving here. You can witness the amazing sea life, where turtles, multi-coloured fish and beautiful fan corals and tree corals abound in the waters around the inner islands make you feel excellent and full of life. More advanced divers may swim in deeper waters among whale sharks, manta rays and turtles.
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4. Island Hopping


The only question when visiting the Seychelles is, “Which island to visit?” The beauty of Seychelles indeed revolves around its islands. Each one of them has its own essence, history and uniqueness. So add some dimension to your honeymoon holidays by visiting the surrounding granitic islands. For that, you don’t need to live on all the islands, but you can hop along to all the islands and swim, snorkel or even languidly soak in the sun on a tiny private paradise for a day.
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5. Sunbathing on the Beaches


Seychelles has some of the fabulous beaches of the world such as Anse Source D’Argent, Anse Lazio, Beau Vallon, Anse Royale, Anse Cimitiere and more. These beaches are indeed worth visiting with your partner. You can stroll around, sunbathe, swim, and surf at these fascinating beaches and spend some leisure time admiring the charming natural beauty. Some of the beaches offer exciting water sports like snorkelling, jet skiing, water skiing, and scuba diving to add more fun in your honeymoon.
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So above mentioned are the top things to do on a honeymoon trip to Seychelles. Mark your choices and get set go to plan an amazing trip to Seychelles.

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